War on Weeds

We invite you to join with DOC and Weedbusters to fight this War on Weeds.

Hundreds of invasive weeds are smothering our native forests, wetlands and coastal areas, harming our wildlife and transforming our natural landscapes.

New Zealand has about 2,500 species of native plants, but ten times as many introduced exotic plants. These invasive weeds are devastating for natural habitats in the same way that rats, stoats and possums are decimating our native birds, plants and animals.

Many problem plants in the wild are attractive garden specimens that have escaped over the fence to invade our bush and forests.

The Dirty Dozen

There are 12 problem weeds that you and your community can join forces to help us bring under control.

These 12 weeds are causing particular problems in different parts of the country. They are weeds which everyone will be able to identify and help to remove with minimal equipment.

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