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John Sanson announced as new MAFBNZ representative on the NZBI Executive

Hi all,

I would like to announce that John Sanson has replaced Andrew Harrison in the role of MAFBNZ representative on the Executive.

Welcome aboard John. We've got to know you over the last couple of meetings and l look forward to continuing the relationship the Institute has with MAFBNZ.

Also, thank you to Andrew for the time and energy you have given to the Institute while serving on the Exec, and for providing MAFBNZ staff to speak to the Executive on various topics.

Craig Davey

23rd March 2009

Kia ora and seasons greetings from the Executive!

I trust you all have had an enjoyable summer and are looking forward to what the change to autumn means. Usually the smoko room conversation turns to “the roar”, duck shooting, and other outdoor adventures.

It is great living in a country where we have so much choice in our pursuit of the great outdoors. And it’s in this environment where we enjoy what we, as biosecurity folk, have protected. In a way biosecurity is more than killing pests, stopping or cleaning risk items, managing long-term problems, making “aware”, researching, surveillance, and investigating. It is also about taking pleasure in New Zealand’s natural heritage. For it’s when we are in our bush, on our rivers, or along our beaches that we can be inspired, motivated or just reminded of why we seek to protect and preserve.

Executive meetings

The Executive is having a phone conference in early April and any new developments will be communicated through the next issue of Protect.

Craig Davey


Our financial situation is looking very healthy and we will end the year with approximately $60,000. This is obviously quite a substantial amount and one that should see the Institute through any recessionary pressures. A small amount of this money is being used on the website upgrade. The Institute is now GST registered and this should have little impact on members. Given our funding situation we have decided to absorb the cost of GST into our membership fee, though NETS may be marginally more expensive.


Lyndsay Vaughan, Executive representative and Chairman of the Top of the South branch confirmed that branch’s desire to hold NETS2010 in its area. Ben Minehan of MDC will co-ordinate the event. Apparently a venue has already been booked.


Given the state of our funds and having received feedback from students, it was decided that the overall pool of funds for the study awards and professional development awards should be increased by $1500. This is great news for students and those members who would like to undertake study or attend an event that is presently out of reach.

Professionalising the Institute

A member floated the idea of hiring a part-time Executive Officer who would lobby and formulate submissions on behalf of the Institute. The Executive decided that at least in the short term it would not be a position that we would consider.
There were a couple of reasons for that decision. The changes needed to undertake this function would be substantial, and to some of the Executive, may prevent some members from being involved.
The second reason involves the inclusive nature of the Institute’s membership across the entire biosecurity spectrum. We thought that to speak with one voice was actually quite difficult: i.e. which member, or employer would we disenfranchise when we made particular comment. However, there remains scope for this sort of function within the Institute as many external matters arise that deserve comment. I am positive that we will establish a clearer understanding of how best the Institute can function at this level over time. I believe that discussion on this topic needs to continue, focusing on the strengths of the Institute and what else we can do to give further life to our mission statement and aims. These discussions could be between members, at branches and during NETS.

Carolyn Lewis Resigns

After many years of service to the NZBI, Carolyn has decided to stand down from her role on the Executive as Immediate Past President. Carolyn has been an integral part of the Executive, a driving force of many NZBI initiatives and a fabulous conference organiser! On behalf of the Executive, thank you Carolyn for all the passion and input.

NETS2009 – Queenstown, October 14-16

The organisers have been busy putting together a programme, sorting field trips and are beginning to approach sponsors. The formal call for papers will be made early next year.

New Members

We would like to welcome the following new members to the Institute.

New Members:
John (JD) Dodgson
Cheryl Krull

Lou Hunt
John Sanson

Don McLean
Terry Charles

Dean Turner
Kirsten Westfall
Amy Lagerstedt
Bionda Morelissen

Trial members from NETS2008:
Brett Bailey
Corinna Bennett
Steven Bosak
Tim Brenstrum
Matt Calder
Stephen Coe
Ben Elliot
Rick Lane
Roger MacGibbon
Bill Naik
Brian Smith


Just a reminder that in the new year you will receive your membership subscription invoice. As usual the deadline for subs is March 31. There are two good reasons for paying your subs by this date. Firstly, they are $10 cheaper than subs paid after March 31, and secondly, you are only eligible for a member’s registration fee at NETS2009 if you have paid by that date.
If you know of people intending to join for the first time, then attending a NETS conference allows them to join as a trial member, receiving 18 months free membership.
It would also be good if members could keep us up to date with their current details, in particular, when members change jobs – please let us know if you are resigning or have new contact details. Our treasurer spends a lot of time chasing lost members and rejected email addresses which can be frustrating as well as time consuming.

New Editor

Yes, this is the last issue with our present Editor. I would like to pass on many thanks to Kirsten Crawford. Protect does not create itself and without Kirsten’s enthusiasm and energy at hunting out stories and hunting down people to tell stories, the magazine would not be what it is.
Lynne Huggins from DOC in Invercargill has put her hand up and will craft the March issue. So if you know Lynne, watch out and if you don’t know her, then you probably shortly will.

Best wishes

The Executive would like to wish all NZBI members a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year. We hope you all get a chance to enjoy summer and find relaxation ahead of the coming year.

Craig Davey
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