NZBI and NETS Align Technology Transfer

Its official, the NZBI and NPCA have aligned their technology transfer events.

On Friday August 26th Pedro Jensen, NZBI President, met with Bill Martyn, NPCA Chairperson, and signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

There had been a recent desire from NZBI and NPCA members and the Executive of both organisations to investigate the possibility of aligning the technology transfer events of each organisation. The President and members of the Executive of the NZBI met with the NPCA Chairperson and the National Coordinator to work through the issues of such an alignment. Both organisations saw mutual benefits in working together to provide an aligned seminar that would function as New Zealand’s one and only biosecurity-focused best practice annual event. The details of this alignment are described in the new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and cover items such as the name, make up of organising committees, allocation of any financial surplus/deficit and it is open for additions and alterations by agreement.

The MoU will see the NPCA provide a couple of representatives on the organising committees of a NETS. The NPCA has a strong background in vertebrate pest technology transfer and will bolster this stream of the conference with its many contacts and knowledge of the most current research, best practice and industry matters. The NPCA are very keen to maximise the opportunity NETS can offer due to its local flavour, three day duration and the potential for industry training to become integrated in what we do.

The first aligned event is going to be NETS2012 – Pests in a Dynamic Landscape, to be held in Wairakei. Its not only the mudpools and geothermic activity that is dynamic, the NZBI and indeed the whole biosecurity sector is dynamic.


NZBI President Pedro Jensen and NPCA Chairperson Bill Martyn shake on the agreement to align technology transfer conferences.