Controlled Substance Licensing Opportunity

Additional to your NETS2015 registration NPCA are offering to arrange a training day to gain or renew controlled substance licences for vertebrate toxic agents (VTAs).

The training day for new licence holders is planned for Tuesday 25th August (the day before NETS begins and some pre-course study will be required. Accredited trainers and test certifiers will be on hand to carry out and certify the training.

For those wishing to renew licences it is proposed to set up a booth that will operate at specific times over the NETS2015 programme. Details of this are currently being finalised.

The number of VTAs to be covered in the training for new licences is yet to be finalised but the starting point is to include the main VTAs used in animal pest control and renewals can be undertaken for most VTA's.

There is an additional charge for this and participants will be invoiced separately by the NPCA.

The training day will be run subject to numbers and if you are interested the starting point is to tick either the new CSL box or the CSL renewal box on the NETS2015 registration form.

NPCA will then contact you directly with further details.