Better Biosecurity Branding


8 September 2016

The New Zealand Biosecurity Institute wants to see the return of the Biosecurity NZ brand.
In a submission on the government's discussion document on the future of biosecurity; Biosecurity 2025, the Institute has asked for the re-launch and strong marketing of the former Biosecurity NZ brand.
Institute President Darion Embling said the Biosecurity NZ brand has become lost within the wider branding of The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).
"We want to see it as a strong brand in its own right.
"Primary sector biosecurity is vital but it's not just about protecting primary industries and if the government wants to get a team of 4.5 million New Zealanders championing the biosecurity cause , which is a key aim of the document, it needs to focus on the word "biosecurity" not the words "primary industries".
Mr Embling said he would like the single word "biosecurity" to be as common a catch-cry for all new Zealanders as the phrase "location, location, location".
Mr Embling said the business of biosecurity sits uncomfortably within MPI.
"When we hear a major biosecurity announcement made, if it must come from the Ministry for Primary Industries, we want to hear the office described as Ministry for Primary Industries and Biosecurity," Mr Embling said.
The NZ Biosecurity Institute is the professional training and networking organisation for people involved in all aspects of biosecurity including pest animal and plant management, and border control. Its members work for research organisations, educational institutions, regional councils and government departments. All are involved in protecting NZ from invasive species.
Mr Embling said every year Institute members spend hundreds of hours controlling or managing the risks to the economy and the environment of the effects of introduced pests.
"This is work which costs the country hundreds of millions of dollars each year through control, research and border control budgets. This money is coming out of all New Zealanders' pockets," he said.

For more information please contact: Darion Embling: (07) 859 0790 | 021 605 029 Media enquiries please contact: Chris Macann, Editor, Protect Magazine - The Magazine of the New Zealand Biosecurity Institute, phone 03 34 99 660 | 021 878 001