The 2010 New Zealand Biosecurity Institute annual conference was held in Blenheim from 21-23rd July 2010.


NETS2010: Know How, Can Do, Job Done!
We shall fight pests on the seas and oceans,
We shall fight pests with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Islands
We shall fight pests on the beaches and coastlines,
We shall fight pests in the forests and the wetlands,
We shall fight pests in the fields and in the streets,
We shall fight pests in the hills and tussocklands;
We shall never surrender!
The Marlborough Region is split in two by the mighty Wairau River. The southern half has low rainfall; the northern half of the region, the Sounds and surrounding valleys host a high rainfall. The result is two very different landscapes.
Our industries include agriculture, aquaculture, wine (we have a glut, by the way, and will need your help while at NETS2010!), tourism, forestry, olives and high country farming. Our region faces a diverse set of biosecurity challenges. Every industry and each part of our region is threatened by invasive pest species.
The control of invasive pest species in Marlborough has called for innovation and dedication to ensure their control, and in several situations, their eradication. Of course, pest control is impossible without the support of the community, and luckily our unique region has a strong community spirit, both in urban and rural areas.
This community spirit shows through in how we approach our biosecurity issues, with various organisations and community groups in our region tackling invasive pest species head on – on our coastlines, in our marine environment, on the land, and in our waterways. Using local, national and international knowledge, the right resources and a positive attitude, we are showing that invasive pests can be tamed.

Love Marlborough.